Réseau francophone
international en conseil


RFICS’s mission is to contribute to capacity building in governmental and parliamentary science advice in the Francophone community through research, development and promotion of training and tools, knowledge transfer and stakeholder involvement in a multidisciplinary and multi-milieu perspective.

RFICS provides scientific advice to either elected or non-elected public decision-makers in the Francophone community, at local, provincial, national, and international levels.

RFICS pursues the following objectives:

Main lines of action

  • Scientific research
  • Tools and training
  • Community of practice

a member

RFICS offers membership to any individual or institution with an interest in scientific consulting, regardless of their field of expertise or practice environment. Join an international, multidisciplinary and multicultural network dedicated to building capacity in scientific advisory services in the Francophone community.

As RFICS is working mainly in French, most of the website pages may not be translated.

Division d’intérêt francophone de l’International Network for Governmental Science Advice (INGSA)

Ce réseau est administré depuis l’Université Laval dans la ville de Québec localisée dans la province de Québec, au Canada.


École supérieure d’études internationales
Pavillon Charles-De Koninck
1030 Av. des Sciences Humaines
Québec, QC
Canada G1V 0A6